For Students

What we believe

2hats is a start-up company with a mission statement centred on empowering students to gain work experience that is relevant, accessible and paid.

We believe that too many students become stuck as just another forgotten resume at the bottom of the pile on some HR’s desk. So we have become committed to creating opportunities for student career growth.

We believe in what we do. We believe it’s game-changing for developing careers and we believe it works. That’s why we run job sharing internally – our interns are students just like you, committed to hands-on work in the everyday operations of the company.

What we do

It shouldn’t be about who you know, but how hard you work. That’s why we offer a free interview process – giving you feedback at every step of the way – in order to shine a spotlight on those who really have what it takes.

This process values persistence and dedication as well as technical knowledge in discovering an elite talent pool, from which companies can select for paid job-sharing opportunities.

The concept of job sharing allows students to work part-time alongside study, whilst gaining the experience offered within a full-time graduate position.

How you can get involved

By joining our pool of talented elite students, you will be eligible for companies to select you for internship positions characterised by real-world experience that compliment your study.

Our interview process is carefully curated to suit the contemporary Australian workforce and can include video interview, face-to-face interviews, personality quizzes and aptitude tests. As you progress, we will even update you with tailored feedback on your resume and interview skills.

Download our free app today and create an account with us to kick-start your career today.