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Our business philosophy

At 2hats, our philosophy relies on the belief that career development should begin during tertiary study. Merging education and real-world experience.

By creating job-sharing positions for current students, technical knowledge acquisition is coupled with real-world skill development for the benefit of both employee and employer. Creating a more dynamic approach to your career development with a more wholistic approach to education.

Company benefits

By offering you a prized selection of hand-picked candidates, we save companies from trawling through endless resumes and expending unnecessary time and money on recruitment.

We ensure employees of the highest calibre, selecting the highest 10% to enter our pool of elite talent.

We extensively interview candidates using both targeted aptitude and personality testing. This is because we know that ‘soft skills’ like problem solving, communication and teamwork are just as treasured as technical knowledge.

Through implementing job-sharing with us, we increase long-term productivity through minimisation of re-training. A cohesive team of two or three students can naturally evolve into a reliable, settled and trained full-time employee upon graduation.

How to get involved

Contact us today and see how your company can benefit some of the brightest student talent around.