About Us

- Who are we?

At 2hats, we are a bunch of believers on a mission statement centred on empowering students. In fact, we even run the same business model internally – our interns commit to hands-on work in the everyday operations of the company. They are the first people to recommend the 2hats scheme to their peers.

- What makes our process better?

For students : we offer the guarantee that we will spend time carefully assessing your resume and interview skills, then give you personalized feedback – a promise you won’t get from pretty much any other company.

For companies : we know that filling positions can sometimes feel like an endless cycle of time and money, of interviewing, assessing, training, re-interviewing, re-assessing and re-training. We want to break this cycle by hand-picking the perfect fit for you.

- How does it work?

For students : download our free app and sign up with your information. Fill in your job preferences and upload a resume. We will update you with feedback and hopefully progress you onto the next steps of interviewing so you eventually join our pool of talented elite students, of which companies select you for internship positions focused on paid, real-world experience to compliment your study.

For companies : contact us today to get involved and find the perfect fit to fill an opening entry-level position.

- How much does it cost?

For students : our process is completely free.

For companies : a percentage of the hired employee salary goes back to 2hats as a negligible recruitment fee. To know more about our pricing, contact us.

- Am I guaranteed a position?

Unfortunately, we just logically can’t accept everyone. What we can guarantee is that our personalised feedback to you will be invaluable in bettering your employment prospects.

Our process of selecting an elite ‘talent pool’ emphasises persistence and dedication as well as technical knowledge. That’s why we offer feedback at every step of the interview process. Whether its your resume that’s not up to scratch, or you’re a bit too nervous in the interview – we give you the feedback you need to come back in a couple of months and try again.

- Is my personal information safe?

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to it. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party unless you give us permission.

E.g., to host your resume for you, or to contact the job position you are applying for on your behalf.

- So, what’s the catch?

No catch, no fine print, no loopholes.