2hats Student Career Development Network
Your Future Starts Now

With 2hats, you can start your professional career while completing your degree. 2hats offers you part-time jobs to get paid for earning relevant experience.

For Students

Develop your skills

Get personal skill assessment and genuine feedback on your work readiness get real world interview & work experiences

Be Elite

Become one of our most prized members and highly desired by businesses in industry fast track your career progression

Gain Flexibility

Maintain your work-life balance smooth transition from school to work without compromising study

The Vision

Get real, now you have an opportunity to your work your dream job while studying.
Find out if you are work ready and benefit from upskilling workshops to polish your skills that are more important than grades.
Gain valuable and relevant experience and getting rewarded for your excellent performance.

For Companies

Recruitment made easy

Let us relief you from tedious recruitment processes. We hunt down super star student talents, even the hidden gems, and only connect you with the Top 10% of interviewed candidates. Minimize HR workload.

Elite Student Search

We believe in brilliance beyond grades. Our qualified talents possess the interpersonal skill, critical thinking skill, problem solving skill and has fast learning curve to ensure their success at workplace.

Winning Talent War

Trial larger number of talents with Job Sharing system, build your relationship with elite students, winning the talent war over graduates.

Business Logics

We are the pioneers in connecting top students and companies based on the job sharing concept. By this, we bridge the gap between students’ expectations and the reality of entering the workforce in Australia. 2hats facilitate a win-win situation when students find part time employment and get valuable experience, and companies test the talent pool for subsequent employment.